Industries of Axon Dej Alvand

Tire and Rubber Components

Tire as important components in vehicle, its mass production in worldwide and important impact in daily life, it found important position in global economy. The tire industry is one of the important industries in value cycle of the automobile manufacturing and transportation industry, and since it is considered as upstream industries of the input of automotive industry, it is closely related to the automotive industry and half of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is due to this industry.


Oil and lubricants

At a glance, Lubricants can be divided into two major categories of automobile lubricants and industrial lubricants. Industrial lubricants are also divided into three major categories of industrial oils, greases and other special lubricants such as metal lubricants and so on.

Lubricants is a solid, semi-solid, liquid and gas substances to reduce friction between two surfaces.

Lubrication or tribology is defined as the science of facilitating the relative movement of surfaces in contact with each other. Lubrication means reducing friction between two surfaces using a lubricant.

Die casting

Die casting is the shortest way to produce a product from metals with a low melting point. Another advantage of this method is production of very thin and also very strong components that is impossible for other methods. This way doesn’t have application for metals with high melting points like as Cast iron and Steel.

Die cast is a metal casting process that is often used to create high-quality and durable components for use in a variety of applications.

brake 3

Brake pad

Brake pad is a partial of disc brake system which is used in automobile and other industries. Brake pads consist of steel plates on the back and friction material attached to the surface of metal plate, which is placed in front of the rotating brake disc.

In production of brake pads, phenol formaldehyde resin is mostly used as a connection. Graphite in addition to be transplant material, can be used as a friction material. Other material that has been known as a friction material is Zirconium silicate. Regarding to the researches of an Italian manufacturer, Cement can be used as a cheap and less energy consumption transplant material.

Polyurethane and related industries

It is called a group of chemicals that are manufactured from the reaction of polyols and isocyanates as the main ingredient.

Polyurethanes are use in different forms such as soft foams, hard foams, elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, resin and so on.