Introducing Axon Dej Alvand company

Company Profile

Axon Dej Alvand company was established in 2014 with the aim of supplying the most up-to-date and high-quality raw materials for various domestic industries. This company is proud to take effective steps in the field of timely supply of raw materials for its customers by taking advantage of 30 years of valuable and successful experience of being in international markets and also employing experienced personnel. In this company, efforts have been made to provide basic and required information in relation to import and export to domestic producers, in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers with a constructive communication of their opinions, suggestions and criticisms, and to take greater steps to improve the existing situation to provide better service.


We intend to be the best brand of business services (imports and exports) in the country; by completing our portfolio of goods and services, in addition to supplying raw materials, we aim to have a greater contribution in supplying items to other industries, due to our proximity and presence in vast and developing global markets, relying on the knowledge and efforts of our employees and cooperation With reliable international counterparts and using new methods of service, we will be a leader in supply and procurement with shorter time, higher quality, more suitable price and more reliable sources.


Our mission is to supply various domestic industries. With the experience and knowledge of our team, we have been able to take steps towards optimizing the supply of industries by rearranging the processes, according to the economic, cultural and social structures of the country, Balancing and correctness of factors of price, quality, quantity, resources, technical specifications and product preparation time, using new knowledge of resource evaluation has distinguished this organization to provide new services.

Value statement

Being responsible is our special emphasis. We believe that we are always evolving in the field of supplying raw materials and services. We know that we are not flawless; But we believe that the points that can be improved can be turned into the strengths of the organization with honesty, openness and sincerity. Transparency in the field of service is one of the foundations of the company.

We think

The company’s employees are the soul and part of the company’s existence. It is their knowledge and experience that makes the company move. Scientific promotion and training of employees is one of the organization’s priorities. Customers, who have always been considered as capital of companies, not only the capital, but also the company’s philosophy. Competitors are the basis of promotion and development of any product and service. If there is no competition, there will be no growth and evolution. We consider suppliers as our business partners. Their strengthening and development improve our services. We follow the rules and believe that our rule of law brings stability and peace. Looking after the nature and the environment always plays a special role in the company’s plans. Based on this, we expose ourselves to criticism and advice. We consider compassionate criticism to be self-defeating and we believe that the most basic way to develop is to hear from others. Briefly, observing personal and professional ethics is the most basic value of this organization.